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Our careers have been defined by technology. We were lucky enough to deliver projects for some of the largest organisations in the world. But the reason we're doing this is a fundamental obsession with each and every customer. We're giving it all every time we step into a meeting room with you, or when we help you build your next amazing product.

andrei polmolea
Andrei Polmolea

Chief Executive Officer

catalina stanoiu
Catalina Stanoiu

Chief Commercial Officer

dr. navid nourani-vatani
Dr. Navid Nourani-Vatani

Chief Data Scientist

In the view of our founder

After working with many leading organisations on their transformation projects, both as an early employee at AWS and as an independent advisor, I realised that many consultancies constantly drop the ball on the quality of service they provide. Old guard consultancies try, in search for greater profits and scale, to tackle every problem and every technology, saying yes to everything and asking few questions.

I always believed that a consulting business needs laser focus and truly exceptional leaders to deliver real and quantifiable value for customers. That’s what I wanted to create at Cloud Officer.

Instead of working on anything that comes our way, we’re world leaders in building data-driven digital products in the cloud. Instead of trying to scale our business rapidly, we say no to projects that we believe are not yet ready for prime time. Instead of focusing on delivering a project and walking out, we focus on creating lasting transformation in your organisation.

While your industry is probably in its early days of truly adopting value creating technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, we’re going to help you find value from the start. We’ll then keep working with you to continuously raise the bar and challenge you to keep transforming your business, all in order to ultimately build amazing experiences for your customers.

Founder, Cloud Officer

A methodology for success.

We don't leave any aspect of our projects to chance. Our methodology revolves around core pillars and we use this in every single interaction with you.

And the right tools.

Technology on its own doesn't make a difference. But when you know what your customers want, the right technology makes it so much easier to go to market fast create amazing experiences.

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