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After working with many leading businesses on their cloud transformation, both as an early employee at AWS and as an independent advisor, I realised that many consultancies constantly drop the ball on the quality of service they provide. Old guard consultancies try, in search for greater profits and scale, to tackle every problem and every technology, saying yes to everything.

I always believed that a consulting business needs laser focus and truly exceptional leaders to deliver real and quantifiable value for their customers. That’s what I wanted to create at Cloud Officer.

Instead of working on anything that comes our way, we’re world leaders in a niche area: Machine Learning on AWS. Instead of trying to scale our business rapidly, we say no to projects that we believe are not yet ready for prime time. Instead of focusing on delivering a project and walking out, we focus on creating lasting transformation in your organisation.

While your industry is probably in its early days of adopting Machine Learning, and quite far away from true Artificial Intelligence, we’re going to help you find value from the start. And we’ll keep working with you to continuously raise the bar and challenge you to keep using ML throughout your business.

Founder, Cloud Officer

This is how we work.

We’re long term partners with our customers.

Everyone says this, but we actually pick our customers as much as they pick us. We don’t work with every company that comes our way because we simply don’t have the man power to do so. Our goal is to be your rockstar consulting partner and we structure everything from our first meeting with this goal in mind.

We expect you to be available and committed.

We won’t be able to drive change from outside your organisation so you’ll have to be fully committed to the projects that we deliver together. Every one of our customers formally nominates a project champion - a person responsible for rallying the troops on your side, so that we can deliver our magic.

We only work with customers using the AWS Cloud Platform.

We also love Azure and GCP but we’d rather be the best in the world at one thing rather than do everything. We know the AWS products inside out, and maintain a relationship with AWS and their product managers to make sure we’re ahead of the curve.

We only work on projects where data is a core component.

We believe a huge untapped potential lies in the data that organisations haven’t leveraged yet, so our mission is to unlock that value. But we’re extremely experienced architects to any project that we design will exceed all the security, high availability and scalability best practices.

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