Cloud Officer for
Financial Services

Data sits at the core of any financial services institution. From finding the right product to offer customers, to finding the right trade to make or the fraudulent transaction to block, the ability to process large amounts of data is paramount. We're partnering with financial services companies to help them create the infrastructure needed to process data securely, in real-time and at scale.

Helping you ...

  • Data

    ... integrate data fast

    Think of it as data-engineering-as-a-service. Feed new datasets into your data lake fast with almost no effort, so you can focus on what really adds value.

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  • Machine learning

    ... manage your models

    Handle machine learning models from concept to production, all in the cloud. Maintain governance during training, monitor model drift in production and everything in-between. We call this MLOps.

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  • Research

    ... increase your alpha

    Allow your quants to iterate models fast and at any scale using cloud data lakes and performant compute clusters for their notebooks.

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  • Innovation

    ... deliver digital projects

    Deliver amazing digital projects using our team of technology experts and their experience in cloud-native, data-driven products. Get in touch to discuss your project with us!

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We're enabling financial services to go all-in on analytics

From designing to building and launching, we help financial services insitutions build data-driven experiences that customers will love.

Defining the job to be done

We always start from the outcome you're targeting. Technology and products are irrelevant until we can clearly define what you want to achieve and how your customers will experience the new solution. Our strategy workshops focus on the "why" of our project.

Architecting and engineering a solution

Our team of egineers and architects have built battle-tested full stack architectures for organisations ranging from small startups to large enterprises. We've worked on customer-facing products as well as the technology platforms underpinning those. Collaborating with your team, our experts will determine the best technology stack for your project, ensuring it meets your company's requirements for security, scalability and high availablity.

Forging the right partnerships

We help you assess and select the partnerships that will improve your delivery speed. We have the right know-how, experience and connections to advise you on the best technology, whether to build in-house or to buy, and how to negotiate agreements to ensure the success of your project.

Building a roadmap for next-gen financial services experiences

We believe that data has the power to make every customer experience amazing and every financial decision a profitable one. We also think that, in order to deliver amazing experiences for everyone, financial services companies need a data-driven approach and the infrastructure capable of supporting it.

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