Cloud Officer for
Higher Education

We believe that the next ten years will fundamentally transform higher education. We're partnering with institutions to design and deliver amazing digital products that increase their reach, maximise student engagement and build new research capabilities.

Helping you ...

  • Recruitment

    ... increase applicant conversion

    Analyse data across your marketing and recruitment tools, monitor key metrics, and provide actionable insights to be fed back into your recruitment processes.

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  • Retention

    ... prevent student dropouts

    Analyse student record data, monitor key retention metrics, and provide actionable insights which can inform timely interventions.

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  • Business Intelligence

    ... supercharge your BI

    Build a data strategy that promotes data exploration and analytics across the organisation. Support it with a modern cloud-based technology platform and efficient processes.

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  • Innovation

    ... deliver digital projects

    Deliver amazing digital projects using our team of technology experts and their experience in cloud-native, data-driven products. Get in touch to discuss your project with us!

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Insights from our blog

We're improving the higher education experience using technology

From designing to building and launching, we help higher education insitutions build digital-first experiences that students and academics will love.

Defining the job to be done

We always start from the outcome you're targeting. Technology and products are irrelevant until we can clearly define what you want to achieve and how your students and staff will experience the new solution. Our strategy workshops focus on the "why" of our project.

Architecting and engineering a solution

Our team of egineers and architects have built battle-tested full stack architectures for organisations ranging from small startups to large enterprises. We've worked on customer-facing products as well as the technology platforms underpinning those. Collaborating with your team, our experts will determine the best technology stack for your project, ensuring it meets your institution's requirements for security, scalability and high availablity.

Forging the right partnerships

We help you assess and select the partnerships that will improve your delivery speed. We have the right know-how, experience and connections to advise you on the best technology, whether to build in-house or to buy, and how to negotiate agreements to ensure the success of your project.

Building a roadmap for next-gen higher education experiences

We believe a huge untapped potential lies in the data that higher education institutions haven’t leveraged yet, so our mission is to unlock that value. We also think that new digital products can make the education experience more engaging for both students and academics.

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