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Research has been transformed by the increasing volume of easily accessible data and compute power. Questions that could not be answered before are now the target of researchers who use the latest technology to their advantage. In this new world of research, working on personal computers or under-sized on-premise clusters in no longer acceptable.

At Cloud Officer, we believe that the most successful research teams are the ones that don't compromise on technology choices and always use the best tools for the job.

This is why we created the Research Cloud Platform - a solution built on our experience in helping research and data analytics teams work more efficiently in the public cloud. Using a series of building blocks we can create a public cloud environment that accelerates your time to science and allows you to dedicate all your time making actual scientific progress and not managing servers and infrastructure.

diagram of the cloud officer student success data platform for student retention

The Research Cloud Platform

Ready to go

A public cloud environment fully configured with the best practice security controls, audit tracing and access management.

The best tools

Your starter setup will include a data lake and a data science environment based on Jupyter notebooks.


Extend your environment with databases, computer clusters and more via modules that we pre-built for you.

Cost focused

Control your costs as your research project evolves. Set budget caps and receive a single invoice for your entire team.

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