Prevent student dropouts with our Student Success Data Platform

Student retention continues to be a key challenge facing universities, and one which is compounded by recent and ongoing changes affecting the sector. Students who drop out are costly to universities in terms of lost funding, so higher education institutions are seeking out the strategies that work best to bring down dropout rates.

At Cloud Officer, we believe that institutions which can monitor student engagement, and are agile enough to act on engagement analysis, will be more successful in the long term. Supporting students in order to improve retention is not only the ethical thing to do, but is also the right financial decision.

This is why we help higher education institutions analyse student record data, monitor key retention metrics, and provide actionable insights which can inform timely interventions.

diagram of the cloud officer student success data platform for student retention

The Student Success Data Platform for retention

One platform

A single platform for all your student recrods data.


Cost effective and extremely fast integration of new data sources.


Put your data to work using Machine Learning. Discover insights such as the students who show signs of declining engagement.

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