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We create our programmes based on previous experience with customers on a specific topic or use case. These are stricter engagements where we will be setting out a clear and measurable outcome and we'll follow our methodology and delivery calendar. We expect you to commit fully to the programme, nominate a champion, and make your resources and team accessible to us. In return, you'll see extremely fast progress and value that will ripple throughout your organisation.

Machine Learning from Zero to Sixty

A programmed designed for teams that have the data but haven't built any models yet. It takes the path of least resistance to creating value by using pre-trained models via Amazon SageMaker and Tensorflow.

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Who is this programme for?

The aim of the programme is to get you started with machine learning without having to deeply understand the science behind building and training models. As such, the programme is suitable for teams who haven't used Machine Learning before.

What are the goals of the programme?

This programme aims to get you to understand your data and what it represents, understand general concepts in machine learning and how models are built and trained, and get you thinking about use cases where machine learning will add value to your business.

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Build a world class Machine Learning practice

Ready to go all in with Machine Learning? This programme will take you through all the steps for building an amazing ML practice, from hiring the right data scientists and engineers with industry knowledge, to choosing the right technology and even setting up what we call MLOps processes, a variation to traditional DevOps.

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Who is this programme for?

This programme will assume that you've done some initial exploration of Machine Learning and you have a list of use cases where this will help your business. It does not, however, assume that you've built a comprehensive business case and will guide you through this process.

What are the goals of the programme?

This programme will help you create a business case for Machine Learning, supported by a hiring and training plan. It will also outline the technology platform and artchitecture (the Machine Learning infrastructure) that we recommend and the MLOps processes that you will need to put in place.

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