Machine Learning from Zero to Sixty

As a business, adopting a new technology has to provide real and quantifiable value to your customers and shareholders. Machine Learning is no different. With this programme we’re aiming at delivering quick results to showcase what Machine Learning can do with the data that you currently have.

The programme is structured in the following three stages:

  1. Assessing your data, infrastructure and human resources. During this phase we will look at how your business works today. This includes understanding how you collect, manage, organise and use data and what infrastructure capabilities you have that we could extend to handle ML models. We will also look at your team and identify the core data skills (both general BI knowledge and Machine Learning knowledge).
  2. Identifying use cases. With a good grasp of how your business works, we will work on identifying opportunities where Machine Learning will add value. We will quantify this value and compare it to the resources and effort required to work on the solutions.
  3. Creating data-focused prototypes. This stage is where everything becomes real. We will use your data to build ML models that make a real difference for your business (based on what the use cases tell us). With these prototypes you will have all the information needed to put embed these in your real world applications.


Assessment of ML readiness
A short document, structured along three pillars (data, people, infrastructure), outlining your readiness for machine learning.
Use cases
A showcase of use cases where machine learning can add value to your business.
Pre-trained models applied to your data to obtain quick results and allow you to assess where you want to invest your time and resources.
ML models
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