We've designed a number of consulting services that plug right into your projects and add deep expertise in areas where you want to make fast progress. We are not an outsourcing partner, so our services will be laser focused on creating transformation inside your organisation and equipping you with the right tools to build amazing ML-powered apps.

Planning & business case creation

Before starting a machine learning project, we'll help you plan your work, identify the resource you'll need and create a compelling business case highlighting the value created for your business.

Architecture reviews & workshops

Once you're ready to architect a new ML-powered application, we'll work with you to create or review the architecture, touching on important areas such as security, scalability, high availability and cost.

Cost reviews & optimisation

Machine Learning can consume lots of resources so it's important to keep cost under control. We'll review your architecture, modelling practices and inference process to find areas where you can optimise costs.

MLOps process architecture

Creating ML models is significantly different from developing applications. We'll help you adapt traditional DevOps processes to fit the lifecycle of a model, from creation to monitoring production inference.

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