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Data and BI teams waste between 60% and 80% of their time doing data integration and preparation. As higher education institutions prepare for the transformative period ahead, spending this much time on tasks that don’t yield direct value just slows down the path to truly data-driven decisions. Data teams should be empowered to focus all their time on extracting insights from data and delivering value to the rest of the organisation.

At Cloud Officer, we're leveraging our cloud and data analytics expertise to help data teams within higher education institutions deliver value faster. We do this by following our proven methodology, which focuses on 3 main pillars: People, Platform, and Processes.

modern bi architecture

The modern BI Platform


Your BI platform should allow staff from across your institution to explore, use and publish data on demand.


It's impossible to know how your requirements will change in the future, so your BI toolset must scale well.


Nothing should compromise security and a strong governance framework needs to be the foundation of your platform.

Cost focused

Being frugal is a priority and this happens by making sure your architecture leverages existing skills and capabilities.

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