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As higher education institutions contend with a ‘demographic dip’ in the student recruitment pipeline, the ability to adapt recruitment techniques is more important than ever. With increasing scrutiny from the public on university marketing budgets, there is also increasing pressure to deliver a clear return on investment.

At Cloud Officer, we believe that agile institutions, with a strong data foundation, and ability to run analytics on their data, will be the ones to win in this new uncertain environment.

This is why we help higher education organisations analyse data across their marketing and recruitment tools, monitor key metrics, and provide actionable insights to be fed back into their recruitment processes.

diagram of the cloud officer student success data platform for student recruitment

The Student Success Data Platform for recruitment

One platform

A single platform for all your recruitment data.


Cost effective and extremely fast integration of new marketing data sources.


Put your data to work using Machine Learning. Discover insights such as the leads that are most likely to apply.

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